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Cryptein is a completely independent digital media and information service company for crypto assets and block chain technology. We provide services in the form of education along with the latest news in the field of cryptocurrency and is completely based on the analysis by experts.
With the changing time, technology is also developing. To maintain the pace along with the profit of investors, Cryptein is providing solution by providing them with knowledge of cryptocurrency and updating them about the ongoing and upcoming ICOs.
The whole family of Cryptein puts a lot of effort in bringing out the best service for our users and updates our users accordingly.
Our whole team of Cryptein welcomes you to the world of Cryptocurrency.

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Special Features


The crypto currency index of 10 well-established currencies is what defines CRISX .The Index comprises of weighted average of all the 10 currencies which covers more than 95% of the total crypto currency market capital. CRISX provides a vision of the total market movement to the investors.


Cryptein has the facility of social networking. This special feature allows the user in getting access to the suggestion by experts and receiving important information at fingertips. Providing the call details on the newsfeed after an expert call is an added advantage.


With time, investor needs to be updated with the latest technologies which will help them in terms of profit. To fulfill this gap of the users, the team of Cryptein came with a solution of providing the knowledge by designing great courses. This will help them to understand and get a better view of the movements taking place in the market and with this knowledge they can have better accuracy of trading activities.


Cryptein offers real time market charts and the market indicators which will help the user to deal with technical charts and get a clear vision of the movements of markets.


Our team provides users with the latest updates regarding the latest ICOs along with the expert feedback which can be beneficial to our users.


As the people trading and investing in crypto currency has been widely being accepted ane block chain is being accepted as the next generation technology it is for the people who understand the new curreny system and the people who are willing to gain from this we at Crptein have dedecated our team for the better part and great future of our users.

Crptein provides its users with- Data integrity, easy usage, great scope of data, social activities for better understanding. We also provide our users with priice change sin real time, our objective is to keep users abreast of latest price movements to keep our users up to date.

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